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I’m an educator and journalist. I love creative tools that make life better. I spend a lot of time exploring new stuff — sites, apps, podcasts… I love sharing these in brief email bites. My day job: I’m director of teaching & learning at the Newmark Grad School of Journalism. I used to write for Time Magazine. Before that I was a violinist. More about me here on my site. Or on Twitter or LinkedIn or YouTube.

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Some past posts:

  • How and why I use Roam, a terrific new tool for note-taking that I’ve switched to from Evernote

  • Grain, Descript, Vowel and beyond: A summary post on some of the most useful new sites and apps launching this fall

  • Other posts lately touched on Pitch, Slash, new Canva features, and simple apps I’ve loved during the pandemic.

  • Ottera useful tool for automatically transcribing Zoom calls or meetings.

  • How to get started using Notion — and new useful features in Google Docs

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Jeremy Caplan
I'm Director of Teaching & Learning at CUNY's Grad School of Journalism. My mission is to help people make the most of their time. I write Wonder Tools to share my favorite resources for efficiency & creativity.