That’s incredible!

Canva has always been onside with innovation.

I’m not surprised they’ve adopted the AI game like everyone else.

But they’re grounded in their purpose - making graphic design a no-brainer for the common man.

Great demo!

Can I link to your post in my Substack publication, if you don’t mind?

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Huge canva fan. I have a pro account for Devotaj Sacred Arts and have inspired my employer (outside of DSA) to also use it more and more. I just used the new magic eraser feature and was floored. I removed a flower and added a vase. It wasn’t perfect, but darn it was good. The Magic Write feature isn’t quite as robust as GPT Chat in some ways, but it’s a great way to prime my thinking when I’m stumped. As always, have to fact check the bots carefully.

Overall I really love that Canva is bringing AI into the tool set in very USEFUL ways.

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Good to know, thanks!

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