This is a timely post. I go through phases of digital expansions and contractions. Currently, I'm on a digital diet and I'm looking for ways to consolidate functionality of several paid apps (Google Workspace, Standard Notes, TiddlyWiki --I know it's free, but it fragments my record-keeping.)

I had spent the last six months trying to boost Excel automation using something called Excel-DNA. It's open-source, but the friction is just too great. I can see myself devoting some time to learn Coda formulas, because of the built-in functionality.

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Coda looks very interesting, especially to manage projects. Thanks for the tip!

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I saw this reposted on Forbes. I hope it gets more traction far and wide. Coda is so underrated. It's the Excel (but way more powerful) of our generation.

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How is this different from Craft? Seems like a lot of the same use-cases and features?

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Thanks for the reminder about Coda. You showed it to us at #smwknd 2020. I used it for months and loved it.

Also, I love GDocs too much. And the inertia is strong in this one.

Also also, getting some clients to use GDocs is hard enough, can’t imagine getting them to try something they’ve never heard of. Sigh.

Coda needs to hire you to be an evangelist who can help get it into clients’ workflows.

Thanks, as always.

PS: Great subject line!

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