Have you tried Obsidian? Is a good alternative for Roam. It also gives you the power to decide where to save your files as it's offline first :)

The community is big and it's extensible thanks to the API exposed by the creators.

Maybe I'm a little biased because I'm a developer and I do love when there is a tool that let's you to enhance it by you or/and the community.

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It’s compelling that OpenAI invested in Mem. My personal take is that the key thing going forward is going to be note exportability with fidelity. Who knows what will be the incredible, AI infused option in a few years? By building your notes in Markdown (Obsidian, etc), you future proof your data for easy importing into the best tool.

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HI, not sure if you are a fan of Obsidian, but consider writing about it.

It is mark-down first, format-agnostic user-centric notetaking system,


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I love checking out new tools (which is, obviously, why I subscribe to your newsletter :)).

Some apps/tools do a specific job better than the others, which is why I no longer try to make any one app my "one in all" tool. Rather, I try to clearly define my digital workflow and how and why I am using each of my tools.

I describe that workflow in this post: https://musingsofaxennial.substack.com/p/how-to-clearly-define-your-digital

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Jeremy, as I just mentioned in a comment to your new series on tools, I read your article and took a look at Mem. The free price point is too limiting and the 8/month price point sound just right. However, when I considered what I'm actually getting, I realize that I neve store that much information "in the cloud", because I don't trust it. My laptop has terabytes of storage and enough search capability for most of my needs:

Everything.exe: a free Windows app that helps me find files on all of my local storage, as long as I know part of the name;

Eagle.cool: a one-time purchase (29.95) app for Windows and Mac that stores all of my image assets, fonts, videos and other file types within a database. No more complicated folder structures and image finding apps! I just tag images (that took a bit of getting used to, but is paying off!) and they are stored locally.

TiddlyWiki 5: My favorite note-taking app, TiddlyWiki is a self-contained local HTML/Javascript app that is beautiful at storing and retrieving text notes. It supports plugins and has a thriving community of designers and users who help each other extend and exploit its capabilities.

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Didn't know that Open AI invested in Mem! I moved from Evernote to Saga.so after trying out Notion for a bit but being overwhelmed. Found Saga to be the most simple and fast solution for writing and searching through content, without the need to organize. They also recently launched an AI writing assistant https://saga.so/ai

Will try out Mem in parallel - seems they have a lot of common features

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What about Eessel?

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I’m a fan and user of Workflowy after using Evernote, then Notion. It’s refreshingly simple; works for me Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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Hey I was wondering if your familiar with remnote, and what your thoughts are on it versus other note taking tools

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Tried to click on site you're using tomorrow my phone threw up block said site was phishing threat. Just so you know

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