Feb 7, 2021Liked by Jeremy Caplan

Moved from Roamresearch to logseq (https://logseq.com) why?

1. Open Source

2. Own your own notes (stored locally or private github)

3. Desktop App and web application

4. Chatbot to add notes on the run

5. Free

Cons ? Less polished than roam (so far) but very promising

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Been using Roam daily for about 3 years now.

Biggest unlock: when I started logging all of my activities each day. Over time, I built up these individual timelines with people, places, things, activities and projects that were really cool to see. It felt like it augmented my memory. Plus with SmartBlocks I could pull up a year ago today in my sidebar each morning which is pretty cool.

Biggest help: when I started using block references to build up a thread of thought from various sources or previous notes.

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I use Dynalist, a successor to Workflowy, which is a task management tool but also great for taking notes.

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Feb 4, 2021Liked by Jeremy Caplan

Google Keep uses hashtags too. But Roam seems to link them. And the "dot point being the atomic unit" is intriguing! I want to try Roam when it's on mobile

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