Greetings, is there a software that checks for copyright and trademark violations. YT I know does a good job but was wondering if there is a program for social media as well

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Hey Jeremy, just discovered your newsletter. Wondering how to find out more about your advertising options / prices. Thanks!

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Hi Jeremy 👋 Try Instacap for super simple annotation, screen capture & visual feedback - https://www.instacap.co

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Hey Jeremy 👋


Glasp, a social web highlighter/clipper (https://glasp.co/)

Why and How Useful:

I'm a semi-avid reader of web articles and Glasp allows me to connect and learn with like-minded people though what I read and resonated with. It organizes all of my highlights and notes, and I can search and see not only my learning footprint but also like-minded people's digital legacy. It's fun.



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Hey Jeremy, check out https://Ebby.co for transcribing interviews - high accuracy and more affordable than other automated services

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Hi, Jeremy! I have been testing Notion (https://www.notion.so/) for team projects as compared to Slack and it seems to have great visual elements to support teams' communications. Navigation and content curation is also better organized

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Something I've been using a lot more is macOS "Spaces" (aka virtual desktops). They're easy to create—just hit the Mission Control key, by default F3, or use the trackpad—and help me to organize my windows.

Apple documentation: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/work-in-multiple-spaces-mh14112/mac

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Stack! https://stackbrowser.com. I can hide multiple social media/ RSS/ e-mail/ etc, but still access them quickly; I can keep open links and posts instead of losing them; and I don't have to keep all of the above in an overgrown thicket of browser tabs.

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