In response to this post I published today about the 10 mobile apps I pay for, readers shared in the comments the 40+ apps they collectively pay for. I asked Notion AI to turn apps referenced in the comments i(as of this afternoon) into a table with links and descriptions, which you can see here: https://www.notion.so/jeremycaplan/005efa9353c047238f7a74d994cf7ce9?v=b31a5410aa4548a2bb06c3fc11552ca9&pvs=4 This was a fun use-case for AI taking a bunch of menial data entry and doing it for me in a few seconds.

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Also use headspace for mediation and I’m thankful that my employer pays for it

Pliability- incredible stretching app

AllTrails- helps me find hikes anywhere in the world

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May 4, 2023Liked by Jeremy Caplan

Procreate (which you mentioned) is absolutely amazing. I also have GoodNotes for interacting with all PDFs that I download.

I adore LastPass it's such a great password management tool.

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Thanks for the App talk!!! Here are some...

Storm - severe weather info with detailed radar with projected paths of storm cells, tornados, hail, and earthquakes

Splice - make video reels with your photos, add music, add effects

PhotoScan - scan old pictures directly to your phone, make folders, edit and crop on the fly

FaceApp - enhance and fix photos on the fly. Super cool but expensive.

Fotor - The game changer in photo editing on your phone including ai creation. I’m a graphic designer with 25 + years of experience, this app is amazing!

Repost - nice tool for c/p posts especially descriptions from social media to Instagram

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Interesting list Jeremy β€” I like it. Duolingo also sits up at the top for me too as I use it daily, as well Google Photos & Paper.

A few others on my list:

All Trails

We live in Mallorca where incredible hikes are plentiful.


NYT Games

Wordle...what else can I say.


A much prettier, ad-free Pinterest alternative.



Edit videos on the fly β€” super easy, clean UI and fast.


NBA League Pass

My Toronto Raptors will claw their way back to the top soon...

Any Distance

Move over Apple Fitness.



Wind & waves for surf & boats.


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I've been on the fence about paying for Picture This. The free version gives me enough to not kill all my plants anymore. The diagnosis part...do you use it much? Seems like it might make paying for it worth it.

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I pay for 1SE / 1 Second Everyday app - filming everyday and compiling to the monthly-yearly movies

and Beatfulness for meditation sounds

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I have lifetime subs to Pocket Casts and Calm. I pay for Reeder, Youtube premium, Just Press Record, Mullvad VPN, Peak Finder, Pollen Pro, Marvel Unlimited, Sirius XM, and Sky View

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I enjoyed this, thank you for sharing.

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May 4, 2023Β·edited May 4, 2023Liked by Jeremy Caplan

Thanks for this, Jeremy. Paying for apps is the best endorsement. Since I'm retired now, I am very reluctant to pay for apps, but for several years I've paid $2.15 a month for Nomorobo to block spam marketing calls and texts. It allows me to nap, sleep, and work without interruption. https://nomorobo.com/

I pay for a half-dozen news subscriptions on digital apps, but I just signed up for AppleNews+, $9.99 a month, which gives me access to, supposedly, hundreds of paywalled magazines and newspapers. https://www.apple.com/apple-news/ Although I hit a paywall on Bloomberg news, I want to see how this service works.

What I don't understand is why a publication like the Wall Street Journal, whose digital subscription costs close to $40 a month, would agree to give away its content to AppleNews+. Maybe it gains circulation numbers to show sponsors and advertisers.

Two of the best free apps I would recommend both are related to access to material through public libraries:

Libby, https://www.overdrive.com/apps/libby, has allowed me to read and listen to books in digital format wherever I am in the world. I can access it through my local library card.

Related to that is the video streaming service Kanopy, which I get through my Cleveland Public Library card. https://www.kanopy.com/en/cpl/ Some movies can't be accessed if you're outside the U.S. because Kanopy hasn't bought worldwide rights, but you still get access to lots of independent movies and foreign movies that aren't available elsewhere. Kanopy does have a paid version.

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I currently pay for Canva, Google One, Medium, MyDoh, Netflix, Spotify, and Twitter.

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And almost every app that is a bleed you over time instead of a pay once and keep it. NO THANKS!

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Mealime - Meal planning app - Very well done and super user friendly!

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Sound Control




Little Snitch

OTP Auth

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I pay for Todoist and Down Dog

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Great post. I also pay for Day One and Tabs. I also pay for Notion personal plan, ChatGPT plus, and Spark Mail as my mail app.

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