This gives me an idea: I currently have 71 text files containing "conversations" I've had with ChatGPT. I thought the descriptive file names would be helpful, but I need a way to search them for snippets of text. Right now, the only way to do that is with GREP, a cumbersome process.

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I asked Bard to give me a plan for getting those text files into Google Docs. I did NOT like the suggestion, which was to convert them one by one! So I asked it if merging the files into a single Google Doc was just as effective. Here is Bard's reply:

Yes, merging the text files first and then creating one giant Google Doc would be just as effective, if not more effective, for querying purposes.

This is because merging the text files would allow me to index the entire corpus of text at once, rather than having to index each individual text file separately. This would make it faster and more efficient to query the text.

In addition, merging the text files would make it easier for me to identify relationships between different parts of the text. For example, if two text files discuss the same topic, but in different ways, I would be able to identify this relationship more easily if the text files were merged into one.

Overall, I recommend merging the text files first and then creating one giant Google Doc. This will make it easier and more efficient for me to query the text and identify relationships between different parts of the text.

To merge the text files, you can use a variety of tools and methods. For example, you could use a text editor or a programming language to merge the files into one. You could also use a third-party tool or service to merge the files.

Once you have merged the text files, you can upload the merged file to Google Drive and open it with Google Docs. Google Docs will automatically convert the merged file to a Google Doc format.

Once the merged file has been converted to a Google Doc, you will be able to query it using me.

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Good post. I would respectfully disagree with this part though:

"Neither ChatGPT nor Claude has fact-checking built in yet, so this is a distinct way for Google to capitalize on the strength of its search engine."

Claude-2 has an excellent Citations list at the end of its responses, links it referenced in the response.

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Thanks for the info. I feel like I get bombarded by both the "AI is Skynet and is inherently evil" posts and the "Use AI as a helpful too" posts. I am considering all the ideas, but haven't sided with either yet... except I don't think any of these programs so far are Skynet or Jane.

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