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How I Use AI for Productivity ✍️

How I Use AI for Productivity ✍️

🎧 In this Wonder Tools audio post I share a dozen of my favorite AI tools

In this week’s Wonder Tools I’m experimenting with an audio post, with summary points below.

recently interviewed me for her Newsroom Robots podcast. I’m sharing the conversation to give you a window into the AI tools I find most useful with explanations of how and why I use them.

During the conversation I share my AI experiments and thoughts on:

  • How Claude offers a powerful alternative to ChatGPT for long documents (~5:55 in the audio)

  • Why I tried Woebot & Personal.ai to stretch my thinking (~3:54)

  • My four Fs checklist for testing new AI tools (~20:45)


Interview Excerpt

This audiogram was made with Hypernatural, an impressive new AI tool I’ll write about in a future post.

Tools used in making this audio post

10 Takeaways on AI

  1. Alternatives to ChatGPT are worth exploring. Personal.ai and Woebot are in a growing category of new AI assistants that can serve as conversational partners. They aim to provide comfort or companionship and to get to know you over time. (~3:54 in the audio)

    Update: Woebot just announced its app will close on November 30, 2023.

  2. Claude’s superpower is ingesting giant texts. I find Claude's ability to analyze large uploaded documents (up to 75,000 words) useful. I can have Claude summarize key points from a research paper to help me learn from it more efficiently. (~6:01)

    Below is the post I wrote about this:

  3. I made a little French bot... I created a simple FrenchGuru language bot with Poe to explain French grammar and phrases. (~8:02)

    Other Poe bots I created you can use for free:
    - 6WordSummary sums up anything in six words
    - MemoryAid gives you a mnemonic device for whatever you want to recall.

    - BotanyBlair gives you interesting info about any plant + a two-line poem.
    - EthicalJourno responds to queries based on the ethical principles of the Society of Professional Journalists.

    Here’s the post I wrote about this:

  4. AI can be useful as an experimental email assistant. The AI reviews my past writing to understand my style. When I lack time for a from-scratch response to every cold email, I can provide phrases and have Superhuman AI stitch together a draft, allowing me to spend time editing rather than composing all email from scratch. (~14:52)

    RSVP to join me on November 28 at 3pm ET for a live demo of Shortwave, another email tool incorporating AI creatively.

  1. Multimedia AI tools are worth exploring. Tools like Runway ML, Kapwing, and Descript use AI to streamline video editing and creation. (~23:12)

    Why I find Descript so useful:

  2. AI tools should provide clearer guidance to users. Until recently, services like ChatGPT and Claude basically gave you a blank box and invited you to figure out what to do. (~25:20)

  3. New AI tools like 4149.ai have creative features that can summarize classes and allow students to 'query' the AI with questions about session content. It's like having an assistant who memorized every word. (~31:40)

  4. I use an AI app called Bloks to generate meeting summaries and notes on conference sessions. This allows me to focus on listening and thinking rather than manual note-taking. (~34:12)
    p.s. I also use and recommend Fathom (as a reader/friend you can skip the waitlist) for time-coded meeting summaries.

  5. AI can eventually help provide more customized journalism education. I see AI as helpful for creating adaptive learning materials tailored to each student's language, culture, interests, and project work. (~36:16)

  6. AI can reduce some of the sting of menial tasks. AI can help with manual tasks in the journalism workflow — like analyzing datasets, scanning notes to find mentions of a topic, and more. (~37:37)

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